St George's Trophy Results / History

The St George's trophy is a long standing club tradition to hold this competition as close to St George's day 
(April 23rd) as possible (Club Members only).

It's the closest thing in Badminton to the FA Cup, where any player of ability can get to the final or even win it!

Pairs are drawn out of a hat and then handicapped based on ability.

The winning pairs over recent years are listed below:


Pairs Photo's Year
Phil Darlow and Joe Bartholomew 2014
WK & Ashley Lovell   2013
Vivian Lawrence & James Spencer 2012
Vivian Lawrence & Tahlia Balfe   2011
Rob O `Neill & Glen Spencer

(And here they are ->) 

Lee Machin & Jack Roberts   2009
Richard Sham & Kerry O'Shea   2008
WK & Darren Cahill   2007
Glen Spencer & Mark Wright   2006
Lee Machin & Darren Cahill   2005
Mike Morgan-Lee & Robert Hulse   2004
Glen Spencer & Sam Ho   2003
Phil Darlow & Sam Ho   2002
Jenny Lewis & Simon Livings   2001
Lee Machin & Kath Aide   2000
Lee Machin & Andy Hall   1999
Tim Legg & Heather Cardwell   1998

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