Colmers Farm Badminton Club

Rules and constitution


  1. Name

  2. 1.1 The club shall be called ‘Colmers Farm Badminton Club’ (hereafter called CFBC).


  3. Affiliation

  4. 2.1 The club shall be affiliated to Badminton England




  5. Aims and objectives

            3.1 To provide a safe environment for adults from the age of 13 years to play and enjoy badminton on a weekly basis and to develop and improve badminton skills. To provide a progression into the adult club for the ‘Junior Colts’ who have previously progressed from the junior section of the club. To provide competitive badminton within the club teams entered into the local leagues.


            3.2 The aims and objectives of CFBC will be consistent with the furthering of equal opportunities for all groups in badminton.


            3.3 In addition CFBC will arrange varied social events which are open to all club members, their family and friends.




4.     Achieving the objectives


            4.1 The objectives shall be achieved through appropriate activities at each weekly club night. These will include the following :-

      1. The rotation of club members to gain experience at playing different standards and ability.

      2. Structured coaching sessions.

      3. Competitive club tournaments.

      4. Fun tournaments.

      5. League matches played at home and away venues.

    1. All club members will have the opportunity to play in all tournaments and in club teams.

  1. Membership


    5.1 The club shall consist of the officers and the club members


    5.2 Membership of CFBC shall be open to players of an acceptable standard as determined by the Committee. It will not be unreasonably restricted on the grounds of sex, race or political, religious or other opinions, to any adult in the area who is prepared to accept and support the objectives of CFBC. Potential members will complete a trial period of two weeks after which they will be asked either to join the club or advised that their game is not up to the required standard and the options available to them to improve their game.


    5.3 In accepting membership, the club member agrees to abide by the rules and constitution of CFBC.

    The club member shall agree to allow their name, address and/or telephone numbers, and e-mail address to be kept on a database for CFBC use only. Whilst club members are not asked specifically about current medical conditions it is the responsibility of each club member to ensure that they are fit to play.


    5.4 Social visitors will be allowed throughout the year. Each club member is allowed to bring two visitors per club night.

All club members shall, at all times comply with court etiquette, as determined by the committee. The committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any member or person on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour, especially if the safety of others is compromised.

    5.5 There shall be a right of appeal to the committee against any decision by an officer of the club.


    5.6 Clothing on court shall be reasonable and appropriate. Footwear shall comply with Sports Hall regulations.


    5.7 All damage, however minor, must be reported to a Committee Member.



  1. Membership fees


    6.1 Fees will be payable on a quarterly basis at the start of each new quarter. Junior Colts or other club member attending full-time education will, at the discretion of the Committee, be charged a reduced rate.


   7.   Officers

          7.1 The officers of the club shall be;

  1. Chairperson

  2. Secretary

  3. Treasurer

  4. Fixture Secretary

  5. Selection Committee

  6. Development Officer


        7.2 These officers shall hold office for a calendar year, being elected annually at the club AGM. All officers shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-appointment.


        7.3 The committee shall meet once every two months. The chairperson may call an additional meeting if necessary or desirable.


        7.4 The committee shall be responsible for considering any application for membership and shall decide if the application should be accepted. This will be in accordance with the non-discriminatory policy.



8.     Finance



        8.1 All monies raised by, or on behalf of, CFBC shall be applied to further the objects of the club and for no other purpose.


        8.2 The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the club


        8.3 The treasurer shall keep a list of names, addresses and contact details of all members


        8.4 Proper accounts shall be kept of all sums of money received and paid out by the club


        8.5 A statement of accounts shall be presented at the AGM, dated and signed as approved.


        8.6 The funds of CFBC shall be lodged at a bank in an account in the name of Colmers Farm Badminton Club, and all cheques, drafts etc drawn on these accounts shall be signed by any of the following;

  1. Treasurer

  2. Chairperson

  3. Secretary

  1. Annual General meeting


    9.1 The Club Secretary shall call the Annual General Meeting by notifying all club members three weeks prior. Every member shall be entitled to attend the AGM and have one vote. The meeting shall be given a report on the activities of the club during the past year by the officers. The meeting shall elect the club officials. A majority decision will carry. There will be no proxy votes


    9.2 Notice of meetings shall be posted on the club notice board

10.     Liability

    10.1 Any legal liability for injury to a member of the junior club shall be dealt with through the insurance policy/cover of Badminton England.


  1. Playing Rules


    11.1 The club will play to the rules of the International Federation.


    11.2 The sequence of all games played on a club night, with the exception of those arranged for team practice, will be decided using the players board. If any club member is found to be manipulating the players board to their advantage this will be reported to the Chairperson. On receipt of this advice the Chairperson will, in the first instance, issue a verbal warning. If cheating persists the member will not be allowed the privileged of choosing from the players board. Visitors to the club are not allowed to choose from the players board.

12.    Teams.

    12.1 There shall be a Captain of each team, who will be responsible for the team and it’s transport to and from away matches. Match fees shall be paid in advance of matches being played with a refund being given for any missed matches.

13.     Dissolution procedures



        13.1 In the event of CFBC ceasing to exist, and following the discharge of all debts and liabilities, any assets at the time of dissolution shall be divided equally among existing members or distributed to other clubs having similar objectives as their own.


        13.2 The club may be wound up on a resolution of the members, passed by two-thirds majority at a special meeting convened for that purpose.


        13.3 In the event of the passing of the resolution to wind up the club, the members of the club

shall appoint a representative committee which shall be empowered to distribute the assets.



14.    Review of the constitution



        14.1 Amendments to the constitution shall only be agreed at the AGM


        14.2 Additions to, or alterations, of the constitution shall be submitted to the chairperson not less than 21 days before the date of the AGM.


        14.3 Any alteration to the constitution shall require a majority of the members present.